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Our First Storytime

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

This storytime introduces a new group to the library and storytime routine. We will take a tour of the library, go over behavior expectations, read books about the library, do a bookworm craft, and in the end they will be awarded a "Storytime Superstar" certificate!

Intro: Tour the Library


If this is the group's first time visiting the library, you may want to give them a tour of parts of the library they may need to travel, like the bathroom, front desk, and kids' reading area. I placed a stuffed animal at each point of interest so it was a bit like a scavenger hunt.

Behavior Do's and Don'ts Modeling


One of the best ways kids can learn behavior expectations is to model what good and bad behavior looks like. They will get some giggles out of seeing a librarian model the bad behaviors and it will make them more aware of what they look like when engaging in these behaviors. You will likely need an assistant to pretend to be reading a story while you model these behaviors.

Below is a chart with some ideas of good and bad behaviors you can demonstrate. I'd perform the "nay" behavior first, ask the kids if they can identify what was wrong/what you could do differently, then perform the "yay" behavior. Exaggerating the "nay" behavior is key to getting them engaged and laughing.

Some Books About Libraries


Carlo and the Really Nice Librarian (Jessica Spanyol)

Carlo loves the library, but he is a little afraid of Mrs. Chinca, the librarian with the sharp teeth and claws. They enjoy some books together and he learns not to judge a book by its cover.

After Reading: The Very Hungry Librarian Flannel Rhyme

I wrote a couple versions of this rhyme, one you can do after reading the book or one that can be done independently.

A Library Book for Bear (Bonny Becker)

Mouse drags Bear to the library, much to his displeasure. Why would he need more books when he already has seven at home? This is so much fun to read because you get to play with different accents (Bear is what I'd call a stuffy English gentleman) and volume levels.

Book! Book! Book! (Deborah Bruss)

This funny book is full of animal sounds and puns that both children and adults will enjoy. It is about a group of bored farm animals who decide to go to the library to check-out books, but the librarian has trouble understanding them.

Other Great Library-Themed Books:


The New Libearian, Lola at the Library, Waiting for the Biblioburro, Lola Loves Stories, Corduroy Goes to the Library, Library Lion

Our Standard Storytime Songs:


These are the hello and goodbye songs we will be singing every week when the kids come to storytime, as well as a quick reading themed rhyme.

If You're Ready For a Story (Hello Song - Jbrary)

*To the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It"*

If you're ready for a story, clap your hands! (x2)

If you're ready for a story, If you're ready for a story,

If you're ready for a story, clap your hands!

(Additional verses: Stomp your feet, Shout hooray!)

The Goodbye Train is Leaving (Goodbye Song - Jbrary)

*To the tune of "She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain"

The goodbye train is leaving see you soon! (Choo choo!) x2

The goodbye train is leaving, oh the goodbye train is leaving,

The goodbye train is leaving see you soon! (Choo choo!)

Craft: Bookworm Bookmarks


I found this one on Pinterest, but the link doesn’t give me an author. I made a modification by adding a foam leaf to help the caterpillar stay secured.


1. Liquid glue (We use kid-friendly tacky glue tubes.)

2. Pom-poms of various colors

3. Googly Eyes

4. Green foam or cardstock (for the leaf)

5. Colored popsicle sticks (preferably thicker ones)

6. Scissors (for cutting leafs)

7. Optional: Yarn for a smile!


1. Assemble all materials. Try to cut the leafs ahead of time so the kids won’t have to fiddle with the scissors.

2. Have the kids choose a colored craft stick and a leaf.

3. Add a glob of glue to the back of the leaf then push the top of the craft stick into the glue. Have them hold it for a moment so it can dry. Set aside.

4. Have the kids choose 3-4 pom-poms and arrange them how they like.

5. Add a glob of glue on the side of the head pom-pom then stick it to the next body piece. Continue until you have your caterpillar.

6. Flip the craft stick and leaf over so that you are looking at the front. Add a line of glue and stick the caterpillar on, holding it in place for a moment.

7. Add googly eyes! Optional: You can add a yarn smile.

Take Home: Storytime Superstar Certificates


I made these little certificates to celebrate their first storytime. There are spaces to write their first and last name and the date. On the back, I included some basic information about our library and storytimes and contact/website info.

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