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Farm Animals

Updated: May 20, 2020

This farm animal storytime is full of fun animal sounds! Get ready to moo, quack, and oink along with all our favorite farmyard friends.

Here is a video of this storytime. It includes two farm-themed books, the "two little chickens" stick puppet rhyme, and directions for the chicken stick puppet craft.

Book 1: Book! Book! Book! (Deborah Bruss)

This is one of the first books I read when I became a youth services librarian and it continues to be one of my all time favorites. I use it whenever I can! It includes a variety of farm animals with plenty of opportunities to make noises with the kids. The humor is also spot-on.

Book 2: Peek-a-Moo! (Marie Torres Cimarusti)

This cute lift the flap book is great for little ones. The guessing game may be easy, but the kids will feel like animal scientists by the end of it!

Rhyme: Two Little Chickens (Two Little Blackbirds)

This can be done with your fingers, finger puppets, or stick puppets. When I have a lot of extra time, I make stick puppet sets for all the storytime kids. There is a trick to how you move/time the chickens which makes it surprising and funny. See the storytime video for my demonstration.

First verse:

Two little chickens sitting on a hill,

One named Jack,

And one named Jill.

Fly away Jack,

Fly away Jill.

Come back Jack,

Come back Jill.

Additional verses:

Bopping to and fro/High & Low

Waving hello/Fast & Slow

Sitting on a gate/Wobbly & Straight

Out on a date/Early & Late

Craft: Chicken Stick Puppets

Since we learned the two little chicken rhymes, why not make our own stick puppets so we can do the rhyme with friends later? You can print two black and white chickens for the kids to color, or have them piece together pieces to make a chicken. Then, simply attach them to a craft stick and you have some new stick buddies!


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