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Colors Storytime

When the library returns to programming, we will begin a series of kindergarten prep storytimes. Our first theme for this series is colors! Below, you will find some of my favorite read aloud books about colors, as well as some songs and other activities to compliment our theme. Today's word of the day is...crayons!

Try These Colorful Reads!


Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

My first pick is a classic! Mouse Paint is the story of three sneaky white mice who play around in paint. This book does an excellent job of teaching primary and secondary colors, as the mice learn that dancing in different colors creates new colors. The always have fun guessing which color the mice's legs will turn. I highly recommend following this book up with some kind of color mixing activity. I have some free pre-made worksheets here.

Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin

These silly, brightly colored monsters each have a favorite color, which they share in a rhyming text. There is also a little grey monster who wonders what his favorite color will be. This catchy text is a fun read aloud that will make kids want to scribble with their favorite colors, too! Try doing a coloring activity right after, then go around the table and ask each child what their favorite color is.

Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

This lovable bear has his own series, but this book is one of my all time favorites for reading aloud. The rhyming text allows readers to guess what color will be highlighted on the next page, so it is a great choice for teaching rhyming as well. The pictures are beautiful and vibrant with lots of details that kids will love spying.

I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin and James Dean

Who doesn't love Pete the Cat? I am still beating myself up over the missed opportunity to meet Eric Litwin when I began working at my previous library. In this story, Pete the Cat keeps stepping in messes, staining his white shoes a variety of different colors. Kids will have a lot of fun shouting "Goodness no!" and singing along.

Colorful Songs & Activities


Listening & Movement Song: Color of Your Clothes

Sing to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"

If you’re wearing red,

If you’re wearing red,

Stand up tall and turn around,

Then sit back down.

(Continue with other colors)

Parachute Game: Color Ball

Put a ball or other small object on the parachute, then begin popping it, like when playing pop corn. Ask the kids what color on the parachute they think the ball will land on. Play a song and stop it, like you would for musical chairs. When you stop, look where the ball land and everyone says what color it is!

Bonus: If you read Mouse Paint and happen to have a stuffed mouse around, you can use this instead of your ball. Just ask, what color paint is the mouse playing in?

Sensory Activity: Mixing Bag

There are endless crafts and sensory activities to do with this theme. My favorite activities involve color mixing, especially if you have read Mouse Paint. Big kids might do well with finger paints, but my storytimes get a large audience with a variety of ages, so I make a no-mess paint bag for each child beforehand. Simply put two primary paint colors in a bag, trying to get each to stay on one side. You may also add some shaving cream for extra fun. Then, seal the bag and tape the top with duct tape. Now you have a no mess coloring mixing bag that kids will love swishing with their fingers!


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