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Winter Animals

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

This storytime is all about what animals do in cold weather. We will learn about polar animals as well as survival tactics for those who don't live in year-round icy conditions. We will do this through stuffed animal discussions, four books, and four songs with motions!

Books About Chilly Critters


Winter Dance (Marion Dane Bauer)

This is a great intro book because it shows the variety of ways animals prepare for harsh winter weather. It's getting cold outside and Fox is unsure what to do. One by one, the different animals suggest he do as they do, but nothing seems right until he meets another fine red fox with a wonderful idea.

After Activity: Stuffed Animal Reading Recall

I pulled a number of stuffed animal friends that were mentioned in Winter Dance. The kids and I then went down the line, reviewing what each animal does to prepare for Winter. They did way better with this than I expected!

Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep (Maureen Wright)

It's Winter, which means it is time for bear to sleep! Old Man Winter calls down to him from the sky, pleading "Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep" but bear keeps mishearing. Sleepily, he completes all the strange tasks until Old Man Winter has had enough.

After Activity: Grizzly vs Polar Bear Comparison

I brought out my fluffy white bear and sat it next to the brown bear. I asked kids to pick out the differences. The polar bear is bigger and white. I told them about polar bears and how they are bigger than grizzlies, live on the ice, and don't need to hibernate. This is a good transition to our next book...

Welcome (Stephane Barroux)

Three polar bears are hanging out with their buddies at the North Pole, until the ice breaks and they are sent adrift! The ice melts more and more, but every time they find an island, the animals there turn them away. Without a moment to spare (as they are literally standing on an ice cube), they find an abandoned island. Everything is great, but then a group of monkeys ride up and ask if they can join. Will they be welcomed?

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups (Tadgh Bentley)

After eating some spicy chili, Little Penguin is left with the hiccups. He tries several tricks to get rid of them, but nothing works. He asks the readers' help to scare them out of him, but there are a couple surprise twists at the end of this hilarious book!

Songs to Sing & Waddle To


I used "Chris Moose" to explain to the kiddos what a moose was before the "Moose is Loose" song and the penguin before "I'm a Little Penguin."

Late at Night (Polar Animals)

Tune: Are You Sleeping?

Late at night, Late at night,

Who, who, who,

Who, who, who,

I can hear the SNOW OWL,

I can hear the SNOW OWL,

Who, who, who,

Who, who, who!

Penguin - Squawk

Polar Bear - Growl

Winter Animals

Rhyme with Actions

Winter is cold.

There is snow in the sky.

The squirrel gathers nuts

And the wild geese fly.

The fluffy red fox

Has his fur to keep him warm.

The bear’s in her cave,

Sleeping through the storm.

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