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All Weather

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

This storytime is a crash course in all types of (common) weather! This includes sunny, rainy, windy, and snowy days. We will be reading four books (though I do have a list of other suggestions here), singing several songs with movements (some with tambourines), and we will finish up with some parachute play!

Intro: Weather Watcher Song & Felt Shapes


We start by singing the "Weather Watcher" song with the following movements. The song is sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques" or "Are You Sleeping?") The original author of this song is unknown, but it is a popular one on Pinterest.

Weather Watcher

Weather watcher! (x2) (clap on the carpet)

What do you see? (x2) (shade eyes and look out)

Tell me what the weather's like! (cup ear)

Won't you please? (pleading hands)

Felt Shapes: Depending on the age of your kiddos, you can have them continue to sing "Weather Watcher" while you put the shapes on the felt board.

Turn the felt board around to hide what you are doing. Put up a shape, then turn it back around and have them say what the weather is! I used a sun (sunny), two types of clouds (cloudy), raindrops and an umbrella (rainy), and a snowflake (snowy). I wish I had swirls for windy!

All-Weather Storybooks


Big Snow (Jonathan Bean)

A boy is excited for it to snow, but he must help his mother prepare the house for guests. Every chore makes him think of the snow, so he keeps running outside to check. Every time he runs out, I have the kids drum on their laps to mimic the sound of running. The snow slowly coats the neighborhood and I like to flip back to do a before and after in the end!

Tap Tap Boom Boom (Elizabeth Bluemle)

This book is about a rainy day in the city. It's full of fun rhymes and onomatopoeia. I handed out tambourines, but they aren't necessary. Every time you read "Tap tap boom boom" have the kids tap the ground or shake their bells then stomp twice.

Little Cloud (Eric Carle)

This one is always a hit with young children. Little Cloud floats away from the rest of the clouds and changes into a number of shapes. The kids like to shout out the shapes when you flip the pages. In the end, Little Cloud joins back up with the others and it rains.

The Wind Blew (Pat Hutchins)

This is an old classic where the wind sweeps up a bunch of items belonging to various citizens. They all go running after their belongings, until the wind gets bored, mixes them up, and drops them on their heads! The wind then decides to steer a sailboat away. This leads us to our talk about how sailboats work, which will come up again later.

Weather Songs & Rhymes With Movements


If It's (Weather) and You Know It

Tune: If You're Happy & You Know It

If it's windy and you know it swing & sway! (swoosh, swoosh) x2

If it's windy and you know it,

Then your clothes will surely show it!

If it's windy and you know it swing & sway!

If it's sunny and you know it wear your shades! (blink, blink) x2

If it's sunny and you know it,

Your sunglasses sure will show it!

If it's sunny and you know it wear your shades! (blink, blink)

If it's snowy and you know it bundle up! (hug yourself) x2

If it's snowy and you know it,

Your coat and scarf will surely show it!

If it's snowy and you know it bundle up! (hug yourself)

If it's rainy and you know it splash around! (splash splash) x2

If it's rainy and you know,

Your rain boots will surely show it!

If it's rainy and you know it splash around!

Snowflake, Snowflake

Tune: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Snowflake, snowflake turn around. (turn a few times)

Snowflake, snowflake touch the ground. (reach down)

Snowflake, snowflake land on my nose! (put finger up, then poke nose)

Snowflake, snowflake tickle my toes! (tap your toes)

Snowflake, snowflake in the air. (put both arms up)

Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere! (wiggle fingers and move arms down)

Raindrops, Raindrops

Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

Raindrops, raindrops, (wiggle fingers)

Falling all around! (drop arms)

Falling on the rooftops. (wiggle fingers on head)

Falling on the ground. (wiggle fingers on the ground)

Here is my umbrella; (lace fingers together and hold over head)

It will keep me dry! (sway back and forth)

When I walk in the rain, (walk in place)

I hold it up so high! (reach all the way up with "umbrella")

Raindrops Are Falling Down

Tune: The London Bridge Is Falling Down

Raindrops are falling down,

(put hands up and wiggle fingers down)

Falling down, falling down. (again, again)

Raindrops are falling down, (again)

Down to the ground! (touch ground)

(Sing soft and slow, same movements)

Small raindrops are falling down,

Falling down, falling down.

Small raindrops are falling down,

Pitter patter SPLASH!

(slap one hand on ground, then the other, then both together)

(continue with medium & big raindrops, getting louder & faster)

Parachute Play: Wind, Rain, & Sunshine!


Activity 1: Make a Thunderstorm

Start with a gentle wind: sit on floor & gently shake the parachute.

Then, the clouds come out: stand up together

And it starts to rain: shake the parachute again, a little harder

But then it starts to pour!: shake as hard as you can!

AND THERE IS THUNDER: stomp while shaking the parachute.

BUT then it stops!: Stop shaking and kneel back down.

Option: Then a rainbow comes out: Make a mushroom, you can even sit underneath.

Option: The sun comes up: Stand back up, shaking side to side.

Activity 2: The Rain is Falling Down Song

The rain is falling down (start standing up, then kneel down)

...SPLASH! (shake it once to create a splash effect)

The rain is falling down (stand back up, then kneel down again)

...SPLASH! (shake it again)

Pitter patter, pitter patter, (make waves)

The rain is falling down (stand back up, then kneel one last time)

...SPLASH! (shake it once more)

The sun is coming up... (stand up slowly)

...BLINK! (shake again)

The sun is coming up... (kneel then rise again)

...BLINK! (shake again)

Shining here, shining there. (walk in a circle or shake left and right)

The sun is coming up... (kneel than rise)

...BLINK! (shake one last time)

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