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My Pet Rock Storytime

This storytime is all about real rocks and how to care for them as pets! Little or big kids can enjoy this storytime and the craft.

Book 1: Bring Me A Rock! By Daniel Miyares

The grasshopper king commands his subjects to construct him a pedestal of BIG rocks. He reprimands Little Bug for only bringing a pebble. He later learns that the rock tower is a bad idea, but Little Bug saves the day!

Big Kids Extension: This book is great for introducing some physics concepts. Why can Little Bug only carry pebbles? Why did the rock tower topple over? How could the pebble save the rock tower?

Before: Show everyone the cover. Ask: What are the bugs doing? How do you think the bugs holding the rock feel? How might the grasshopper feel?

The dedication says “For Lisa, my rock.” Do you think Lisa is really a rock? If not, what might the author mean by calling her a rock? Who is your rock?

Vocabulary: Discuss these as you read.

1. Majestic – Fancy, regal

What are some things that could be majestic?

Ex: A queen or king, a horse, a castle, a lion

2. Pedestal – The bottom of a statue, throne, or other tall structure

Does it have a pedestal?

Show a picture of a sink, a fan, a hotdog, a lamp, a ball.

3. Pebble – A little rock

Show an example next to a regular rock.

After Activity: Grasshopper King Jenga!

If you have a small group or multiple sets, set up a Jenga tower and place a figure on top to represent the king. Have everyone take turns removing a block until the tower topples and knocks the king off.

Another Idea: You have a lot of rocks for rock painting later, so why not have the kids compete to build the biggest rock tower?

Book 2: Stick And Stone by Beth Ferry & Tom Litchtenheld

This is a cute story that teaches about kindness and friendship.

Before: Have you ever heard anybody say: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” What does it mean? Do you agree with this idea?

During or After: If you have enough helpers, you can put on the play for a younger audience or do the reader’s theatre with an older group. (TPT link coming soon).

Book 3: Charlotte and the Rock by Stephen W. Martin

Charlotte really wants a pet, but her parents give her a rock instead. This cute book is an essential lead in to our craft!

Before: What sorts of pets can a person have? Have you ever heard of a pet rock? How would you take care of a pet rock?

Vocabulary: Discuss theseas you read.

1. Hypoallergenic – Unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Are you allergic to anything? What are some things many people are allergic to? Ex: Nuts, bee stings, pollen

2. Appetite – A person or animal’s want to eat.

Do you have a big appetite? When do you not have an appetite?

After: Was the rock really a rock? No, it was a dinosaur egg.

Craft: Make Your Very Own Pet Rock!

Rocks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so encourage kids to let the uniqueness of their rock inspire them.

You can use If Rocks Could Sing by Leslie McGuirk to inspire them. Read it to them before they pick a rock or encourage them to flip through it themselves.


Rocks (you can purchase bags of smooth rocks at different retailers.)

Fast-Drying Paint Markers (or real paint with paint brushes, if your kids don’t mind picking them up the next day)

Googly Eyes

Yarn or cotton balls (for hair)

Any other decorations you like

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