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May Flowers Storytime

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Intro Activity: F is for Flower

After having the kids guess the topic for this storytime (have the books and craft materials laid out), ask them what letter they think flowers begins with. If they have trouble with this, make the F sound for them. I wrote a large F on the back of my songs so I could show them the letter F. We then brainstormed some words that begin with F. I brought a flower fan as a prop.

Book Suggestions:

Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book

This cute peek-through book shows how bees help give flowers life through pollination. The pictures are beautiful and the kids will be fascinated to learn about the importance of bees.

and then it's spring

In this book, a boy plants seeds and patiently waits for them to grow. I really like the subtle humor and the interesting art style.

What Does Bunny See?

This one is regularly recommended by other storytime blogs. It teaches all the different colors a flower can be. I used this as a lead in to our flower colors activity.

Seeds, Bees, Butterflies, and More!

This is an interesting book with a collection of poems that are meant to be read by two people! One person reads the green lines, the other person reads the orange. The lines that have alternating colors are meant to be read together. Some of the poems are higher-level, but you can pick and choose a few to fit your audience.

Activities 1: Spring Song & Stretch/Dance

This song (from is sung to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell. The lyrics and motions are:

*Rising and stretching upward*

The sun is shining bright,

The sun is shining bright,

Oh how I love the warmth,

The sun is shining bright!

*Wiggling fingers downward*

The rain is falling down,

The rain is falling down,

Oh how I love the sound,

The rain is falling down!

*Rising up and opening arms*

The flowers start to bloom,

The flowers start to bloom,

Oh how I love the sight,

The flowers start to bloom!

Activity 2: Plants Song & Stretch/Dance

(Same source and also to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell.)

*Plant imaginary seeds*

"The farmer plants the seeds,

The farmer plants the seeds,

Hi, ho, and cherry-o,

The farmer plants the seeds."

Other lines:

2. The rain begins to fall. *wiggle fingers and lower arms*

3. The sun begins to shine. *rise up and spread arms*

4. The plants begin to grow. *rise up from the ground*

5. The buds all open up. *spread arms*

6. The flowers smile at me. *wave hand and point to smile*

Activity 3: Flower Colors Game

I created a game to go along with this idea from Childcare Land. I made 10 flowers of different colors because we usually have nine kids. The last one is for me.

Give each of the kids a flower then have them stand in line. You will begin the chant:

"Red (or whatever you are holding) flower, red flower, what do you see?

I see a (whatever color the first child in line is holding) flower looking at me!"

Then if you want to add a counting component you can go...

"One, two, three..."

While the kid from the front moves to the back of the line.

So the song goes on so that each child has a turn in the front to show their flower. Have the child step out and show their flower to the whole group so you can all say the color together.

Craft: Make a Flower (Multiple Ideas)

This is a classic craft and there are so many variations. You probably did one of these when you were in school with a picture. My grandparents still have the ones my brother and I made! (Evidence attached below).

If you don't have the supplies or money to make the fancy version like above, here are a few suggestions:

This craft uses cupcake liners, circular paint chips (the green ones are cut to look like leaves), large Popsicle sticks (painted green), and cotton balls (one of our patrons got a bit carried away with the cotton balls).

The one on the left uses multiple circular paint chips and the one on the right requires a lace or paper doilies.

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