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Arts, Sports, & Hobbies Storytimes

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

This is a list of fine arts, sports, and special interest-based storytime topics, organized alphabetically by category. If I have already completed a storytime with this topic, you can click the link to read about it!

Fine Arts:

Computers & Games

Cooking with Numbers

Creative Writing & Stories

Drawing & Creating

Movies & Action

Music (see below)

Painting & Colors

Poems & Rhyme


Classical & Orchestra

Drums & Rhythm


Rap & Pop

Rock n' Roll

Fantasy & Characters:

Detectives & Mysteries

Dragons & Knights


Mermaids & Sea Monsters

Princesses & Princes

Robots & Aliens

Superheroes & Comics

Unicorns & Magic Creatures

Sports & Outdoors:

Baseball & Basketball

Camping & Survival

Cars, Bikes, & Races

Exploring the Outdoors

Football, Soccer, & Hockey

Martial Arts & Ninjas

Olympics & Sportsmanship

Swimming, Surfing, & Scuba

Yoga & Stretching


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