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Funniest Picture Books

As a youth services librarian, I have read A LOT of picture books. I have found that the best choices for storytime (and my personal favorites) are almost always the funny ones! Here, I have compiled a list of my most favorite, laugh out loud read-aloud picture books! Many of these include interactive components, making them even more fun for storytime!

It's a Tiger! (David LaRochelle)

A boy runs into a tiger and tries to run away, but everywhere he goes, the tiger is waiting! This action-packed picture book is far more silly than scary, so don't hesitate to read to younger children! They will enjoy looking for the tiger's new hiding spot on each page.

Crunch The Shy Dinosaur (Cirocco Dunlap)

Crunch is shy, so readers will need some very specific instructions to help him feel relaxed and ready to socialize. The pictures by Greg Pizzoli are full of character and will you have you instantly falling in love with Crunch. Crunch is definitely a socially awkward dinosaur, so kids can learn a bit of empathy while having their laughs. There are many people out there who feel like Crunch and sometimes we must learn to be patient with them.

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups (Tadgh Bentley)

A little penguin gets the hiccups after eating chili. We watch the chubby little guy desperately try and fail at drinking from a glass in a number of silly way. He finally decides he will need the readers' help to scare the hiccups away. This one has two twists that even surprised me! Kids and adults alike will enjoy this ultra-expressive penguin.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs (Mo Willems)

Mo Willems is a comedic genius and highly influential children's author, so he was bound to end up on this list somewhere. I am a huge fan of the Pigeon series, but I figured it would be good to give his other books some love. This story may be my favorite twist on a classic tale. Just look at these scheming dinosaurs! The story is full of humor and opportunities for funny voices. There is plenty for adults to laugh at as well, as Willems repeatedly jabs at the absurdity of the original Goldilocks tale.

Quit Calling Me a Monster (Jory John)

A monster strikes fear in all those around him, but he swears he isn't a monster. He makes a rather poor case for himself before accidentally admitting that yes, he is in fact a monster. But he's not like the other monsters! He has good manners! Turns out his name is Floyd Peterson and he is super chill. I love this funny story of misunderstandings and the illustrations of Floyd just trying to go about his day in his hat and tie.

Dragons Love Tacos (Adam Rubin)

If you want to befriend a dragon, tacos are key. BUT be very careful with those toppings, as dragons like to keep things mild. A boy throws a taco party, but things get out of hand when he accidentally gives them spicy salsa. What will happen when the dragons get the tummy troubles? This one is an instant hint because it has two things almost everybody loves: dragons and tacos. I also love the silly dragon faces and the narration style.

The Wall in the Middle of the Book (Jon Agee)

There is fairly little text in this book, as the magic is in the pictures! A young knight explains how the wall in the middle of the book keeps him safe from the dangers on the other side, all while his side of the book becomes more and more dangerous, unbeknownst to him. Aside from the laugh factor, this book can lead to some important conversations between kids and grown-ups. Plus, they will feel like geniuses the moment they point out the impending danger! The audiobook was also selected as a 2020 Notable Children's Recording.

The Monster at the End of This Book (Jon Stone)

You don't have to be a Sesame Street fan to fall in love with this silly book, but you certainly will get bonus points if you can pull off the perfect Grover voice! In this story, our lovable friend Grover learns that there will be a monster at the end of the book and he will do ANYTHING to keep us (but mostly, himself) safe. This is one of my go-to storytime books, thanks to the interactive qualities, humor, and familiar character!

Smug Seagull (Maddie Frost)

Get ready for the silliest seagull ever! Fans of Mo Willems' Pigeon series are very likely to fall in love with this equally sassy bird. The Smug Seagull swoops around the beach, snatching up snacks and spouting delusions of grandeur. Suddenly, a crab with a crinkle fry interrupts the seagull and drives him bonkers! I discovered Maddie Frost through this book and I am now a big fan of her humor and art style.

That is Not a Good Idea! (Mo Willems)

Speaking of Mo Willems again, I will be finishing up this list with another one of his masterpieces. That is Not a Good Idea is the story of a fox who happens upon a goose (maybe?) and tries to trick her into being his dinner. As the goose goes along with him, a group of chicks repeatedly interject, silent movie style, chiming "That is not a good idea!" Little does the fox know that the goose has a big surprise for him. This is another book that gives plenty opportunities to play with your voice. The frantic chicks are my favorite!

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