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Summer 2018 Programs Pictures & Overviews

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Hip-Hop Dance Class

Alabama Youth Ballet joined us at the Cavalry Hill Library on June 12, 2018. They led a mixed group of youth and adults through a hip-hop dance routine.

Rock Painting

On June 14, 2018, patrons painted rocks in honor of Libraries Rock! Some of the kids glued on eyes to make "pet rocks." Some made gifts for their parents!

Science Rocks Lesson

HudsonAlpha visited us on June 21st to teach the kids about atoms and food composition, complete with a squishy strawberry science lesson.

Space Rocks Lesson

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center visited us on June 26, 2018 to teach our youth about space exploration, rovers, and rocks from the moon and mars!

Reptile Show

On July 5th we were treated to a show from Yarbrough's Educational Reptiles.

The crowd was so big that we had to move to the gym. The show included a number of snakes, lizards, a turtle, and a baby alligator.

Music Trivia & Dance Competition

On July 13th we hosted music trivia for ages 7-13. Before the game, teams divided up and choreographed their own dance to perform for a competition. This was also the first time we used bibliobucks (our library currency which serves as an incentive for kids to participate in programs and return materials on time). For participating, each child received $2 and the winning groups of the dance competition and trivia won an extra $1 each.

The Jeopardy-style trivia slideshow is included below. The categories were iconic artists, greatest hits, child's play (nursery rhymes & Disney songs), noisemakers (instruments), and bust a move (dance). Some teenagers wondered in shortly after we started playing and were bummed that they could not join, so I may make a teen edition music trivia for a later program.


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