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Halloween & Monsters

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

This Halloween-themed storytime is more funny than spooky! I've included book suggestions, a song, a fun witch's stew activity, and the adorable "Thumbkin Patch" craft.

Fun Halloween-Themed Reads:


Below are my three favorite books from this week, but you can find MANY more Halloween-themed suggestions at my friend Jon Schafle's libguide here.

The Hallo-Wiener (Dav Pilkey)

A wiener dog named Oscar is always getting made fun of. The teasing is escalated when his mother proudly makes him a hotdog costume for Halloween. The other dogs go trick-or-treating without him, but when a strange monster appears, Oscar is the only one who can save them. This book is so witty! The adults were laughing even more than the kids.

Quit Calling Me a Monster (Jory John)

This hilarious book is about a monster who just wants to be treated like a normal guy. He makes his case for not being a monster, then admits that he is one, but that he has great manners and deserves respect. Turns out his name is Floyd Peterson and he's super chill.

Monster Boogie (Laurie Berkner)

This is the PERFECT follow-up to Quit Calling Me a Monster. A monster (who looks a bit like Floyd Peterson) sneaks into the kids' room at night for a dance party. The rhyme is fun to read in a variety of rhythms. If you play an instrument or sing you can easily make your own version of the song and dance for kids to boogie along with.

Songs & Activities:


Halloween Zoom, Zoom, Zoom by Jbrary

Everything Jbrary does is great. I have an old fashioned broom that I plan on bringing next year to go along with this song.

Witch's Stew Song & Activity

I adapted this idea from a Jbrary song as well. I brought out a witch's cauldron and told the kids that we were going to make a Halloween stew, but we only wanted to put in Halloween themed ingredients. I did the chant then pulled out a different object from the bag. We decided whether or not it should go in the pot, then we repeated. The verses go like this:

"Bubbling hot, bubbling hot,

What should we put in the witch's pot?" x2

Then when all of our ingredients were in...

"Bubbling hot, bubbling hot,

Our stew is in the witch's pot!" x2

Then I pulled out each ingredient to review again. The kids LOVED this one.

Craft: Thumbkin Patches


This is a cute, simple craft I found on Pinterest. Simply draw some green swirly vines (preschoolers may need help with this part) and use ink pads or finger paint to stamp on your thumb-kins!


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