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Fall: Leaves & Pumpkins

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

This storytime teaches children about the changing weather and things we see and do during the fall. Below you will find book suggestions, a song, a realia activity, and a craft.

Fall Book Suggestions:


Stumpkin (Lucy Ruth Cummins)

This sweet book is about a pumpkin with no stem. As Halloween approaches, more and more of his friends from the pumpkin stand are chosen to be taken home and made into jack-o-lanterns, but no one wants him. The surprise ending made me tear up!

Fall (Barron's Four Season Books)

This book does an excellent job explaining what fall is. It provides interesting facts and asks questions that help the kids make connections to their own experiences.

Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin (Tad Hills)

This is a short board book, so it is best for little kids, but I also read it to the preschoolers when I realized we were running out of time and wanted to do a quick story. Duck & Goose look all over for a pumpkin, so the kids will enjoy shouting "No!" as they ask if the pumpkin is in different locations. They finally find one at the pumpkin patch, so this is a good book to read before a pumpkin patch field trip!

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves (Julia Rawlinson)

This is a precious book about a fox named Fletcher who notices that the leaves are falling from his favorite tree. He thinks the tree is sick and tries to hold the leaves onto the tree, but they just won't stay. In the end, Fletcher begins to understand and appreciate the changing seasons, as he comes out to discover his tree sparkling with beautiful icicles.

Realia Activity: Fall Objects


For this activity, gather a number of Autumn and non-Autumn items. Put them in a bag and throughout storytime, pull them out one at a time and ask the kids what they think the item is. Once they've figured out what you are holding, ask them if they think we will be seeing/using this item in the fall.

Some Fall Items: Colorful leaves, pumpkin, Halloween bag, apple, scarf, scarecrow, jacket

Some Non-Fall Items: Shorts, sunglasses, snowman, flowers, pool floatie, Santa, ice cream

Song with Movement: Leaves Are Falling


This is a song from King County Library System, performed by Jbrary. It's to the tune of "The London Bridge is Falling Down."

A commenter named Heidi added an extra verse that wraps it up well and can add a jumping component, it just goes "Make a pile and jump right in..."

Craft: Autumn Wreaths


I LOVE these Autumn wreaths. Mine looks so cute hanging on the door of our library's playhouse. This craft may require a bit of prep work, but it's totally worth it and is fairly easy for the kids to customize and assemble.


Wreath Shape (cardboard ring or hallowed out paper plate)

Leaves (I used construction paper shapes cut with an Ellison, but real or plastic works too)

Adhesive (Tacky, liquid, or hot glue)

Twine, Ribbon, or Yarn

Hole Punch or Scissors (to make holes for ribbon)

Optional: Bells, pom-poms, glitter, etc.


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