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Books About Weather

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

This is a collection of storybooks I personally recommend to teach young children about different types of weather. All of these books tell stories, unlike nonfiction books which tend to state facts without a story, so these are perfect for holding a child's attention. Below you will find the titles & authors, cover and page spread, as well as some commentary to help you choose the right one!

Storybooks About Wind & Storms


Storm (Sam Usher)

In this installment of the weather-themed series by Sam Usher, a little boy and his granddad decide to fly kites in the storm. As they search for the kite, they reminisce about the many good times they've shared. When they finally find it, they take an imaginative adventure. In the end, Granddad shares a new moral: "The best adventure is an adventure shared."

Kate, Who Tamed the Wind (Scanlon)

The wind causes problems for a man who lives in a creaky house on the top of a steep hill. His hat is sent flying and lands in the hands of a young girl named Kate. Kate gets an idea to tame the wind. If she plants trees around the old house, they will help block the wind. Kate and the man work together to plant the trees. This one has a sweet ending, as Kate goes back to visit the man years later, when the trees are all grown up.

Like a Windy Day (Frank Asch)

In this gentle book with beautiful, colorful illustrations, a young girl goes soaring, tumbling, and twirling on her own exciting windy-day adventure.

Otis and the Tornado (Loren Long)

Otis the tractor likes to play with all his farm friends, but there is one animal that doesn't like him: the bull. One day, a tornado comes and Otis sets out to save all his animal friends. He releases them from their pens and they take cover in a ditch, but then they hear a cry. The bull is still out in the storm! I love that this book shows that you should still help people in need, even if they don't like you. I would recommend this one for a slightly older crowd, as it can be a bit intense and it does has more text than the others on this list.

The Wind Blew (Pat Hutchins)

In this classic by Pat Hutchins, the wind blows and carries away Mr. White's umbrella, but it doesn't stop there. It picks up things from every person in town, sending them all running after the collection of fluttering items! Finally, the wind drops everything and blows out to sea to help a sailboat move along. This humorous book is full of fun rhymes.

Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story (Will Hillenbrand)

Bear senses that it is the perfect day to fly a kite, so he and Mole quickly begin to construct one. Once it's done, they enjoy flying it around until a rainstorm comes and carries it away. Will they ever get their kite back?

Rainy (and Cloudy) Day Reads


Rain Song (Lezlie Evans)

This book is so delightfully fun to read, as it is full of alliteration and onomatopoeia. Two sisters experience a rainy day with all of their senses, from the distant rumbling of the coming storm to sunshine that greets them at the end.

Tap Tap Boom Boom (Elizabeth Bluemle)

Everyone scatters when it begins to rain in the city. When it turns into a downpour, people hurry down the subway steps where the community waits out the storm until the sun is shining again. This book is full of onomatopoeia and interesting rhymes. It also hurries to a crescendo, which makes it fun to read aloud!

Rain (Sam Usher)

In this installment of the weather-themed series by Sam Usher, a little boy can't wait to go outside and have an adventure with his granddad, but it is raining and granddad is busy. Finally, granddad is done writing his letter and the rain has stopped. The two set out on an imaginative puddle-filled adventure, which ends with granddad reminding the boy that "the very best things are always worth waiting for." I love the bond between the grandfather and his grandson and the way the boy's imagination comes to life.

Little Cloud (Eric Carle)

A little cloud drifts through the sky, turning into a variety of fun shapes until its time to join the other herd of clouds and bring on the rain. Kids love calling out what shape the little cloud has turned into when flipping each page.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk (Charles G. Shaw)

This book will get the gears turning in the minds of young children as they wonder what "it" is. Each page gives another example of what "it" looks like, but we don't find out "it" was a cloud until the end of the book.

These Books Are Hot, Hot, Hot!


Heat Wave (Eileen Spinelli)

A heat wave hits the town of Lumberville and the people are doing all they can to keep cool. It gets hotter and hotter each day, until the entire community gives in and decides to camp out together by the river. Heat waves are an interesting topic for children, as weather events don't always occur within a day. In this book, you'll find a number of interesting characters and unique ways to stay cool!

Sun (Sam Usher)

In yet another great weather book by Sam Usher, a boy wakes to find it is the hottest day of the year. He and his granddad decide to go on a special picnic, but they will have to find a shady spot to shield them from the red hot sun. As always, this story ends with one of granddad's morals. This time it is: "If you keep looking, you never know what you might find."

These Books Are Too Cold


Big Snow (Jonathan Bean)

David is excited for the snow, but he must help his mother prepare the house for guests. He keeps running to the window to check out the snow. After a nap, he and his family go outside to see a winter wonderland! I liked that the illustrations showed the neighborhood gradually becoming snowier, and in the end I was able to flip between the before and after pictures.

Mouse's First Snow (Lauren Thompson)

Little Mouse and poppa spend a fun winter day in the snow. They do all the snowy day activities, from sledding to ice skating, snow angels and snow houses! I like the onomatopoeia in this book and the bonding between the father and child. This is a good one to read before going out to play on a snowy day, as it shows a variety of activities.

First Snow (Nancy Viau)

A brother and sister are excited to experience their first snow day. They bundle up and hurry outside to delight in winter activities with their friends. When it is time to go home, they warm up with some hot chocolate and prepare for bed, where they dream about the snowfall. This brightly colored book captures the spirit of one's first snow day with quick easy rhymes.

Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow (David Soman)

Ladybug Girl has her own series, but they can be read individually. In this book, Ladybug Girl bundles up to go explore the post-snowstorm outdoors with her dog, Bingo. She encounters some challenges, with the snow being so tall and thick, but Ladybug Girl never gives up. Instead, she builds a masterpiece out of the snow.


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