Hola Biblioteca! (Bilingual)

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

This storytime celebrates the library while introducing students to Spanish or reinforcing prior learning for bilingual students. We will read bilingual books about libraries, sing three songs, and complete a library scavenger hunt!

Bilingual Books About Libraries


The three books below have English and Spanish versions, so you can choose to read whichever version is appropriate for your audience or you can do a mix of the two.

Lola at the Library/Lola en la Biblioteca (Anna McQuinn)

Every Tuesday, Lola and her mother go to the library. Lola visits the kids' section and attends storytime. She also learns all the sign language to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"!

Lola Loves Stories/A Lola le Encantan Los Cuentos (Anna McQuinn)

Lola and her dad go to the library on Saturdays (yes, she goes twice a week). They bring back books and she imagines herself as the star of various stories.

Waiting for the Biblioburro/Esperando el Biblioburro (Monica Brown)

This book has the Spanish translation under the English passage. A librarian brings his traveling library (on a donkey, rather than a bookmobile) to the town of a girl named Ana. Ana and her brother enjoy the new stories they borrow and wait in anticipation for the Biblioburro to return.

Bilingual Rhymes About Libraries & Reading

(By me, Storytime Sprout)


I tried to look for some Spanish rhymes about libraries and reading, but had no success (though I'm SURE they are out there). I decided to make some up instead.

*Depending on the needs of your students, you may choose to sing the Spanish verse, all English, or English with Spanish vocabulary. These are the lines with the asterisks, so you have three choices for each!

The Biblioburro is Coming to Town

(Tune: "So Early in the Morning"/"Mary Had a Little Lamb")

The Biblioburro is coming to town,

Coming to town, coming to town,

The Biblioburro is coming to town,

*Con muchos libros para leer.

*With many books to read.

*With muchos libros to leer.

The bibliotecario rides a burro,

Rides a burro, rides a burro,

The bibliotecario rides a burro,

*El nos trae libros para leer.

*He brings us books to read.

*He brings us libros to leer.

The biblioburro is leaving town,

Leaving town, leaving town,

The biblioburro is leaving town,

*Tengo nuevos libros para leer.

*I have new books to read.

*I have new libros to leer.

La Biblioteca

(Tune: "Are You Sleeping?")

La Biblioteca, Biblioteca,

Is quiet, is quiet,

We speak in our inside voice,

We read books of our choice,

*Tantos buenos libros

*Muchos buenos libros

*So many good books.

Lee un Libro

(Tune: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")

Lee, lee, lee un libro

At the library,

Time to go; I’ll take some home,

All I can carry.

Scavenger Hunt: Can You Find a Book..?


This activity teaches children how to find books related to their interests by checking different shelves and looking at the covers. You can add a Spanish component by saying the colors or animals in Spanish, if your kids are ready for that.

Choose a few from the list below. Say aloud, "Hmm...can you help me find a book about..." then give the kids a minute to look. There are a lot of different ways you can play this depending on your group size. See suggestions below:

Large Groups: Divide the students into teams of 2-4. Give them fun team names after colors and animals, like "Purple Penguins" or "Pink Starfish." Call one group up at a time and give them a book to look for. If you want to make it even more competitive, set a timer. If they can't find a book in that amount of time, the next team can pick up.

Small Groups: If you have just a few kids, they can all search at the same time. They may even be able to find a book for each of them. If one kid finishes before the others, encourage them to help their friends.

Sample Questions:

Can you find a book?

1. That makes animal noises?

2. With a princess on the cover?

3. With a truck on the cover?

4. With Dora the Explorer or Diego?

5. With Pete the Cat?

6. With a fuzzy part you can touch?

7. With a pig on the cover?

8. About bugs?

9. About Easter?

10. With a clock on the cover?

11. With friends on the cover?

12. With a picture of a real person on the cover?

13. With a triangle on the cover?

14. With a purple cover?

15. With Curious George?

16. With Pete the Cat?

17. About firefighters?

18. With numbers?

19. With moving parts?

20. A pop-up book?

21. A thick book?

22. A book with a paper cover?

23. A book with a bear on the cover?

24. A tiny book?

25. A book beginning with a W?